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You will be the one who's going complete a story which takes places in a clinic in Istanbul with some mechanisms in it...

Taking gamers to the 80's, QUEST opens its doors to doctor Selim Aksoy's clinic who is about to exterminate humankind on earth.

Your intelligence’s undercover agent Zeynep couldn’t stop the doctor, and it’s your mission to follow the clues she left behind and bring to life the doctor’s secrets, which are hidden behind locked doors.

But it won’t be that easy!
Dr. Selim knew you were coming...


QUEST, is offering you a unique “real escape game” experience. 

Gather your team, make a reservation and don’t miss this adventure!

Focus! Observe your surroundings carefully. Don't forget that everything you need is right in front of you.
Did you realize? Some objects are silently trying to tell you something. And they are waiting for you to find them.
Relax and think! The solution might be a password, a key or a mechanism that needs to be activated.
Keep up the tempo. You have 60 minutes to complete your mission and to find a way to survive.


Dr. Selim AKSOY was trying to synthesise a virus named “Q1N1” that could erase the humankind from earth. Your intelligence’s undercover agent Zeynep USLU was working for him as his secretary and she hasn’t reported any information lately. Obviously something bad happened and it’s time for you to intervene in to situation...

You have to find the antidote as soon as possible.

Puzzles which are perfectly fictionalised with a scenario and decoration.
Mechanisms you have never seen anywhere ...
A real team game which can not be finished by one person even in infinite time.


Once you have completed your booking, make sure your email address is approved.
Your reservation will be canceled if we can not reach you with the phone or email address you provided.
Please read the "NOTES and SUGGESTIONS" section.
Stated fees; not for each person, its for total for team.
Only cash payment is valid.

2 People Game 140 TL
3 People Game 180 TL
4 People Game 220 TL
5 People Game 250 TL
Additional Person +50TL



The game Epidemic is not a fear game. Its a thrill themed game and the gaming area includes many rooms. There is no live actor in game area.
QUEST can be played by teams which has 2 to 5 people. Age limit is 9 and people who are under 14 years old must have an adult with them.
Playing time is 60 minutes. Unfortunately giving additional time is not possible so if you arrive to place late you will have less time to finish the game. So you should be ready with your teammates 5 minutes before.
You won't need any physical effort like breaking, disjoining, lifting or getting on top of objects.
You will have to wait outside if you come before your reservation time.
There will be a restroom inside the playing area.
If you want to end the game for any reason, you can tell that to the cameras and then, the game would end for your team.
The entrance would not allowed for any late teammates of yours after closing the door and starting to game.
You don't have to turn your mobile phones off but we don't recommend you to use them unless it is too important. By this way, you would fully get in to the ambience of the game.
You can leave your belongings at the entrance of the playing area so that you don't need to carry anything when playing and focus on the game.
Audio or video recording is not allowed in the place. Sharing content and scenerio of the game is forbidden. Quest has the rights to take legal action against any moral or material damages.
Thank you for not breaking any object at the playing area so that the team comes after you can enjoy the game as much as you do.



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Osmanağa Mah. Kalfaoğlu Sokak No.17 Günay Apt. Giriş Kat Daire: 2 Kadıköy İstanbul